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For many people across the globe, being a student is equal to always being pressed for money.A Norwegian website has come up with a simple, yet dubious solution, one that's sparked a blistering debate in the country. " the message seen on posters across the Norwegian capital Oslo said, encouraging female students to become "sugar babies" and date "experienced" men.Norwegian students have been spurred into so-called "sugar dating" to experience the benefit of luxury and free travel. The picture on the billboard featured a scantily-clad lady in sexy lingerie.

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It seems to be a form of encouragement for purchasing sex, and it's especially bad that it specifically targets young women," Freethem CEO Jeanette Kalmar Frøvik told Verdens Gang.According to her, the ad implies that women should "earn" their student loans, which is a camouflage for prostitution, which may be an alluring option for vulnerable female students."Those who end up on the prostitution market are often vulnerable people who may have been subjected to abuse earlier in life.Advertising is particularly dangerous for those who may be in a difficult situation, both economically and socially," Kalmar Frøvik said.

Consumer Ombudsman Elisabeth Lier Haugseth was also highly critical of the sugar dating ad.

"We are particularly skeptical about the website speculating about the monetary benefits, such as gifts and free travels, especially for girls who do not have the best economy.