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A Python editor that allows you to play with 2D/3D templates or create and run your own.Python is one of the most popular coding languages right now. Tap to destroy cubes and move forward If your fingers went to the gym, they would play Tap It to get fit!If you want to learn it or practice it in your phone, give Cub3D a try. This simple game seems a lot easier than what it actually is.This app offers a Python editor that you can run directly on your smartphone - even in an offline mode. In order to advance, you have to tap the cubes to destroy them.Depending on their color, you will need to tap the cubes from once….Transform your old android device into a free CCTV system.It is not the first app to do this job, but it is certainly a good one.A cheap alternative to a home security camera or a baby monitor with a lot of possibilities. Stack dominoes and match the tiles in this exciting game.

This mix of Domino and Tetris combines qualities of both the arcade and the board game.It is dynamic and also makes you exercise your brain.You will have to flip the falling domino tiles, match them and make them disappear. 5 in 1 app to know everything about your phone or tablet.Do you want to know what is going on on your phone or tablet?

Droid Insight 360 is an all in one app to keep track of it.

You will have access to all the different features from its dashboard: device info, benchmark tester, app manager, file manager, and Root Checker. Organize, store and save your sales tickets to keep track of your expenses.

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