Dating etiquette for women over 40

This is my perception of why it’s hard to find relationships when you get older: You start examining character, values, and ethics.When you’re younger, think about how easy it was to just date someone who you thought was physically attractive. It was all about having fun together and doing fun things …that is, until you discovered you were with a grade-A jerk. Then the baggage piles on: kids from former marriages, health issues, financial crises, etc.

Lastly, bearing witness to friends’ bad relationships/marriages.Reach a certain age, and many long-time couples you know start splitting up.Or they’re locked into crappy marriages with no apparent will or means to escape.You take a look at these people and think, “Sheesh, I don’t want that to be me.” So that too can really put you off dating and relationships because you feel like you’re getting a glimpse of your potential future.

Dating etiquette for women over 40 comments

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