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He is from a northern European country where engagement rings are usually simple gold bands, worn by both the man and the woman. : I recently got engaged to my boyfriend of two years.The big diamonds that American women expect are very rare, and considered rather vulgar by most. My mother is urging me to have my ring "upgraded" because a respectable American middle-class woman needs a bigger diamond.My engagement ring is a cultural compromise: A gold band set with a very small (1/6 of a carat) diamond. Other people have made comments along the lines of "That looks like a promise ring that a high schooler would give to his girlfriend" and "You should have held out for something nicer." To many American women, the size of the diamond engagement ring seems to be a symbol of their success and worth as women, and the message that I have failed at this goal comes across loud and clear.It stings a bit when they wave their giant rings in my face while making their little comments. A: I have written previously about my dislike of the engagement ring industry.This is not to say that if your fiancé can afford a nice ring (and I mean write a check for the whole thing without a sweat) and you like jewelry, go for it.I mean the notion that it's not an engagement unless a rock is proffered, and the value of the relationship is tied up in the size of that rock.

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This past weekend, my ex took him and his brother to a family get-together for his mother-in-law's birthday where pasta was being served.

My son refused to eat the pasta, which led to his stepmother informing him that he was not permitted to have bread or even a drink the rest of the day. This is child abuse and a judge may consider changing the terms of custody.