Epo not updating

Hi all, I am in the middle of our e PO 4.6 deployment, I have deployed the Mc Afee agent to a select group of computers but I can't for the life of me figure out how to push out Virus Scan 8.8 to these systems?Most of our computers are already running an older version of Virus Scan (8.2-8.7) how do I update these via e PO without having to resort to manually do it?I am not very familiar with e PO and come from a Sophos background where it was simple to push out the latest version of the AV to all computers on the network.I am sure it is simple to do but if anyone can point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated. FTP server: epo.Port: 21 Login: epo_alps Password: epo_alps There are two files: EPO. MD5 Both files are updated on the server once per day, usualy around (GMT 2).They should be downloaded to the folder: /data/misc .

And than, through "Engineering Menu" (you can enter there by calling number *#*#3646633#*#* and then select "EPO" item) in the phone I have changed FTP connection/login/password to my server, and tested that.And when I have there correct MD5 checksum in file EPO. So someone should tell Mediatek, that they have some serious problem with MD5 calculation on their FTP server.As of today the problem still persist, however it's not caused by wrong MD5 check sum anymore.I've checked and it's correct, but I still get the same massage when trying to download the file from the Mediatek's server: "Download files invalid" I've updated the EPO file on my phone by using my FTP server and it worked.

mine failed few times, switched to wifi and managed to get it to work.

thanks for the engineering menu tip - very useful and interesting, especially with the agps reset, warm/full and timer options.

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