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NASA TV has shown the full length videos of the new camera angles showing the STS-121 Solid Rocket Booster’s (SRB) on their two minute ride to space.Camera’s were places on the top and bottom of the boosters, showing stunning video of their first stage ride on the Shuttle Discovery – and their fall back to Earth.FREE Videos of the SRB Cam (full length) available on the link below.The four segment boosters are attached to either side of the External Tank, and are 150 feet in length.

This ejects the nose cap, which deploys the pilot parachute.This occurs at 15,704 feet altitude 225 seconds after separation.The 11.5-foot-diameter conical ribbon pilot parachute provides the force to pull the lanyard activating the zero-second cutter, which cuts the loop securing the drogue retention straps.After splashing down in the Atlantic Ocean, they are recovered, towed back to mainland, ready to be refurbished and reused on later missions.

Le origini della città sono antichissime, le tracce delle prime comunità risalgono agli insediamenti di Trlića, Kalinovac, Brgule ai tempi della cultura preistorica di Vinča (circa 5000 a.

Il territorio più interessante da visitare per gli amanti di archeologia ed architettura è senza dubbio quello che interessa la zona montuosa ricca di conventi, monasteri, chiese e torrette sebbene siano difficili da raggiungere.

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