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There are some that believe persuasion is manipulation’s menacing younger brother who hasn’t been issued with a flick knife (yet). There are some that do not believe that the language we use and verbal patterns we employ seed ideas or generate closed loop questions that trigger actions (and sales), because that wouldn’t fit with their world view, would it? So much so that in some circles if you say ‘copywriting’ and ‘NLP’ in the same sentence some people will look at you as if you are mad, stupid, senile…or all three (more about the ‘power of three’ later). As you carry on reading this sentence the more you try not to think about it, the more you’ll notice the increasing feeling of wanting to scratch. In fact, to many people it’s more akin to some kind of crazy ‘voodoo’ new age mumbo jumbo pseudo-science snake oil, and certainly not something to be taken seriously or given any real consideration. Now, there are some who believe Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), a communication and personal development tool developed by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in California in the 1970’s, is not something that can be used to any real effect in copywriting.

Let’s just say you are under its powerful spell (and we all know where the word ‘spell’ comes from, right? We know that the language we use forms our reality and what’s more, there are plenty of hidden meanings and subconscious codes lurking behind them, which once you’ve cracked them you can spot from a mile away!A good copywriter will already have an arsenal of techniques and formulas at hand they can apply to copy.We know about pain points, scarcity, urgency and all the many copywriting maxims that can be applied today, but what people often miss is the actual language and language sequences we could be using to make copy even effective. To enlighten you more on this subject really is a case of taking the red pill not the blue pill.If you are still here, I am assuming you have taken the red pill? To start with, I’ll make things easy and relevant by making my point with something we all do. When you can relax, put your feet up, kick back and throw all your cares to the wind.

Imagine at the end of a hard week at work, you are at home relaxing with a nice glass of wine in hand and are about to watch your favourite TV show or ‘programme’.

This is in fact the time when you are at your most vulnerable (why do you think ads are run in between?