Regression models for validating cyclic triaxial test results

In the track substructure of ancient railways in France, a fouled ballast layer has often been created with time.

The second part involves the investigation of the undrained stress–strain behavior of fine grained soils under irregular cyclic loadings.The results showed that the elastic threshold is approximately equal to 90% of .Another transition point was defined as the flow threshold where the value of tangent of shear modulus ratio changes for the second time.Simple empirical relationships to estimate the dynamic shear modulus and damping ratio was formulated and compared with the similar empirical relationships proposed in the literature.

The results provide useful guidelines for preliminary estimation of dynamic shear modulus and damping ratio values for fine grained soils based on laboratory tests.

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to “Discussion of ‘Development of an Internal Camera-Based Volume Determination System for Triaxial Testing’ by S.