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The actress made the comments when she reunited with her former co-stars Alexis Bledel, Scott Patterson, Jared Padalecki, Kelly Bishop, and creator Amy Sherman-Palladino just before an appearance at the ATX Television Festival in Austin, Texas on Saturday.Speaking of pitching the show to executives, Amy recalled: 'It was a total fluke, I sold it off of a line.Off of a, "Eh, it's mother and daughter and they're like friends." And they all perked up and literally said, "Great, we'll buy that."' A stormy relationship: Kelly Bishop reflected on her character's harsh treatment of her on-screen daughter (portrayed by Lauren) in the interview, revealing her character Emily 'was rather insecure, so all of that severity comes from an insecurity''The camera work on that show is very specific and we really had to hit certain marks, which, especially when you start out, is a very foreign concept, so to have to land on one spot is just blows your mind.'So I remember a lot of times just kind of grabbing her and I'd kind of lean her arm, so in the beginning people were like, "you have such great chemistry!" and I'm like, "I'm mauling her, that's why."' On Saturday, however, Lauren's attention was entirely devoted to Gilmore Girls when she convened with her former cast for a discussion of their hit show, where Amy elaborated on plans for a film or reboot of the show. Ours were at least 85 and we almost never cut anything,' Lauren said.'We could never say, "You’re not going to use this scene." We just had to speed it up.A popular comedy trope: Someone references a famous invention or work of art and credits it to the wrong creator or inventor.Usually done to showcase the ignorance of the character.

Not to be confused with Plagiarism or Taking the Heat.Wrongfully Attributed only occurs when a character, a group or the general public has a wrong perception about who did the actual deed. Also happens a lot in Real Life as a result of misconceptions or confusing associations.A deed is attributed to a more famous person associated with the concept instead of the actual creator.For instance, Henry Ford is often called "the inventor of the car", which he wasn't; he merely industrialized automobile production on a mass scale. Some styles are so similar to a certain work of art that they can be confused for being a sequel, made by the same authors or related in a certain way. Compare Historical Character Confusion, which can overlap. When adding examples, explain what exactly is being wrongfully attributed.

When you hear a classical music piece and have to guess the composer, it's easier to assume it's Mozart or Beethoven.

Sometimes a person is wrongfully credited for a certain deed because his name, image or style is somewhat similar to another creator.