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Below is a guide to help date your vintage baseball glove.Gloves can be dated by the model numbers, trademarks & logos, or and by the style of the web.Web styles may have continued to be made after the dates stated but in general the web can be dated to that era.Click on a link for a detailed description and value.

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History's first baseball gloves were made from pieces of leather sewn together to fit over a player's hand.Many early baseball gloves were simple leather gloves with the fingertips cut off, supposedly to allow for the same control of a bare hand, but with extra padding.The adoption of the baseball glove by baseball star Albert Spalding when he began playing first base influenced more infielders to begin using gloves.By the mid 1890s, it was the norm for players to wear gloves in the field Baseball and softball glove restoration services can add years of life to your old favorite.

New laces, along with leather cleaning and conditioning, can get your glove looking- and playing- like new.

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