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My Sassy Girl is the tale of the first and last time Charlie Bello falls in love.From their initial meeting, trouble is the name of the game.Imagine an amorphous mass of dating disasters and you get an idea of the relationship between the young couple.Some mysterious force with the strength of gravity between two planets must be at play between Charlie and Jordan as the relationship truly makes no sense on the surface. Things suddenly come to a halt when the two write letters confessing their love for each other.Agreeing to meet a year later to read the love letters together, Charlie and Jordan go their separate ways.When I heard Hollywood was working on an adaptation to "My Sassy Girl", I was fairly apprehensive.After all, there were several aspects of the original movie that relied on Asian culture to contribute to the punchline.That said, they deleted many more elements than necessary to adapt this movie to American culture and in the process they cancelled out most of the story's humor and all of its charm.

Where the girl in the original was fearless, relentless, and mysterious, the adaptation's girl was with restraints and ultimately boring.I'm not sure which is a worse western remake of an Asian movie: My Sassy Girl or One Missed Call.If at all possible, get your hands on the original and just skip this movie altogether. That is one of the first lessons I learnt when I entered this line. One moment you are a goddess and the next moment you are out of work.

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