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Cindy Gail [email protected](Lawyer, Texas fortworth)look at this email address!usually professional Lawyers do not use this kind of adress.I haven't responded yet because my alarm bells went off straight away.But I told him I didn't have it and he asked if I could send him a credit card.I hope to read from you as soon as you get my mail.I went there and it was not his, a young couple live there, he is a scammer so please be carful as I lost that money and reported him to FBI I too got contacted by a guy on fb, very similiar story to all those already posted except mine said he can't send a pic as mobile phones not allowed in army barracks he works in, in Aleppo Syria.My friends think he is a scammer but so far its been nearly 2 months and no asking for money.He says he is a contractor working in England from Austin Texas, and wife died.

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I've gotten friend requests from these guys on Facebook since my status changed to widowed a couple of years ago.Most of these military love seekers are scammers just looking to hook you and get your money.They know that women who are widowed are vulnerable and they want to take advantage.He sent pictures of an extremely handsome man which I believed was him.