Spain dating etiquette

the number of students studying abroad has tripled in the last few decades and about 10 percent of all U. undergraduate students will study abroad by the time they graduate.In this blog series, we’ll provide some simple etiquette tips for popular study abroad destinations.Along with France, Italy the United Kingdom and China, Spain was listed as one of the top study abroad destinations for Americans.No matter what part of Spain your students are headed to, share the following tips to help them embrace the local culture and avoid common etiquette mistakes.

Acceptance Spain was recently declared the most LGBT-Friendly Country in the world.The ratings were based on survey respondents who said yes when asked if being part of the LGBT community was morally acceptable.As far as gender relations are concerned, views pertaining to women’s roles in the community have vastly improved over the last few years, and women are now considered much more as equals.However, there are still some parts of Spain where there is more of a machismo culture and/or where men are dominant.