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After living as a biological male since she was born, the 54-year-old Navy veteran has endured 8 1/2 hours of surgery and is now all woman — OK, a transgender woman.Six-foot-three and with a linebacker’s build, Morgan admits that even in a black dress and matching heels she will remain an unusual looking woman.But, honey, Morgan is the kind of woman who looks ahead.She promises after a year of healing and with a wig to cover male pattern baldness, she’ll be steppin’ out in style.Of her, ahem, lower region, Morgan exclaims, “She’s the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in my life. This has completed my psyche.” Depending on your point of view, her comments either make sense, remain a murky mystery or are just plain awful.

For two years, Morgan has received estrogen treatment, had electrolysis and has openly lived as a woman.Therapy as well as surgery are paid through her insurance.On this day, there is a huge grin on Morgan’s face.But her past is a circuitous route of secrets, lies, pain.

She collected and hid away girls clothes when she was little.

She tried killing herself when she was 10 years old by jumping off a building.

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    Apr 21, 2016. A short time later, a smiling, even ebullient patient lay propped up in bed, awaiting the final pre-op questions. The name on the medical file. The first sentence nearly sent him reeling “The Johns Hopkins Hospital has quietly begun performing sex change surgery.” The date was Nov. 21, 1966. The article.…
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    Jul 9, 2010. I might panic if on a first date someone began talking about what to name the nine kids she's eager for us to raise in our new home under the sea. except perhaps the bitter foes of Tommy Lee or Paris Hilton want sextapes, or even vivid verbal descriptions of their sexual peccadilloes, posted online.…