Updating lobs using oraclecommand and oracleparameter

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NET environment and allows developers to take advantage of advanced Oracle database functionality, including Real Application Clusters, XML DB, and advanced security. You will also learn about statement caching, array binding, working with offline data, implementing transactions, and handling errors and exceptions encountered during database work. NET) features optimized data access to the Oracle database from a . NET 2005, using the Oracle Developer Tools and ODP. is about inserting, updating, and deleting data in the database. This book is a practical guide that will give you the in-depth information you need to work with the Oracle 10g v10.2 database from Visual Studio . NET, we move on to dealing with SQL, PL/SQL, and XML DB using ODP. The last chapter covers Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio . NET classes like Dataset, Data Table, and Data Row etc. NET: Web Applications, Web Services, and Mobile Applications. shows you several methods to retrieve data from an Oracle database. NET classes like Oracle Command, Oracle Data Reader, Oracle Data Adapter, Oracle Parameter and ADO.

NET 2.0, and shows how to connect to Oracle databases from . NET data providers, connection pooling, system privileged connection, and single sign-on etc.

NET Developer’s Guide introduces the Provider Independent Model in ADO.