Updating my g1

If the voltage of BP-511 drops rapidly to a certain level, the protection circuit automatically stops the terminal output voltage to prevent any further drop in voltage. It happens if you store the BP-511 in the camera or leave it without use for a long period of time even if it is not stored in the camera.With Firmware Version or before, BP-511 Battery Packs that had become over-discharged were sometimes not chargeable in the camera.With Version, such Battery Packs can be charged in the camera. We recommend you to update the firmware to Version, because Battery Pack BP-511 may be over-discharged sometimes even if it is not stored in the camera and left for a long time without being used.The necessity of updating can be checked by the following procedures.Write the Serial Number of your camera in the box on the bottom of this Home Page, and then click "submit" button.If your camera needs updating, a downloading screen for the Firmware Update Procedures and Data for Firmware Update will appear.

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Another is to have the new firmware installed by the Canon Service Center in your country or region, or the local Canon Distributor mentioned in the Canon European Warranty System List (EWS).If you choose the latter method, please contact : The camera will not work, and at that point it will need to be repaired by the Canon Customer Support Center or the local Canon Distributor mentioned in the Canon European Warranty System List (EWS).Please read, understand and observe all precautions and instructions before attempting to update the Power Shot G1's firmware.If you are not confident that you can install the firmware update by yourself, then by all means please ask : You'll need to connect your Power Shot G1 to a compatible personal computer (as listed in the Power Shot G1 Software Starter Guide) in which at least one of the following programs has been properly installed: Each of these programs has a 'Camera Settings' window that displays the version number of the connected camera's firmware.