Updating rhel4

I have created an install server/yum update server one a centralized RHEL5 Server (5.1, kernel 2.6.18-53.1.13) I am using apache2 on the server and http on the clients for both installing and updating.

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Maybe I need to create a repo for each client and somehow replicate the client RPM databases to the management server.Even if I do replicated the rpm db to the managment server I don't see the oprion --dbpath in yum that rpm has so I don't know how to utilized the client rpmdb.I am stuck and have to have this project done in a couple of days. Oh, and purchasing the Red Hat Satellite Server product from Red Hat is not an option for me.Any and all help will be greatly appreciated......... The management server (containing the respositories) has all the RPMs required, but does not have the non-RHEL packages installed, but provides updates for them. It didn't seem to provide me with anymore capibility than I already have. At Springboard, we know how to get you a job in data science.

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    Two issues Deinstallation of RHEL native Infiniband is an optional step as MLNX_OFED can do it automatically in the process of installation Optional use command yum groupremove Infiniband See YUM…
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    Updating RHEL4 using up2date. Customers who are registered with the Red Hat Network RHN and who have up2date installed on their system can use this feature to update their system to the latest RHEL4.…