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Background Firmware Versions GPS Signals Crystal Frequencies Major Influences DAGR (Polaris Guide) GB-GRAM (Polaris Link) docs Capabilities Classical PVT North Finding (Gun Laying System) Target Location Carrier Phase Data Time PLGR-II Comparing PLGRII and DAGR External Antenna Jacks Polaris Batteries J4 External DC Power Stock Turck PKG3 DAGR Specific J1 & J2 D-Sub 15 Pin Connectors Have Quick & 1 PPS J2 Cable Mystery Cable Shipping Container Applications Azimuth Determination Averaging Zero Baseline Testing Single Receiver Method Survey Equipment Compass Time Display Operating Modes Cold Start Maps & Images SV Messages Mounting Antenna Power Splitter Breakout Box DC Power Scratches on LCD Plastic Rockwell Patents Purchasing Polaris Glossary Links The first military use of the GPS system was around 1990 in the desert wars where the SLGR (Trimpack) was used. I think the PLGR III was an experimental receiver that was not fielded or if it was only in small numbers.

The diagram below shows the evolution of the Rockwell GPS receivers.