Updating tongue and groove oak panel

Tongue and Groove panels provide a little texture to the finish of your bath.These routed panels have a vertical design which breaks up the length of the bath.These panels are suitable for both traditional and contemporary bathrooms.Timber cladding has been used for centuries due to its durability.Choose from a range of attractive external cladding profiles (shapes) to achieve a range of looks on your building from traditional to extremely modern.Square Metres Enter the actual size of area you want to clad here.We will work out your price by taking into account the face cover and overlap of your chosen profile.

There are a range of tongue and groove (T and G) and overlap profiles available, with feather edge cladding and One Square Edge, One Waney Edge available if you choose 'Fresh Sawn Character Quality' grade oak.European oak cladding gives a durable and attractive look to external buildings.A horizontal layout to your cladding will most likely be the best option due to the simple overlap design that is used when a horizontal layout to your cladding is applied. If you choose any of our Kiln Dried (Prime or Character) profiles, you will need to treat and seal the timber before installation to prevent moisture movement.You can leave the Fresh Sawn Feather Edge untreated, allowing the cladding to take on the traditional silvered, weathered look, or you can add your own choice of protective coating or stain if required.

If installing machined cladding and fitting it together tightly, you'll need to to seal the oak to prevent moisture movement.

It is recommended that you fit them loosely to account for moisture expansion and contraction with tongue and groove machined profiles. Please click here to open our delivery cost page in a new window.

Updating tongue and groove oak panel comments

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    Tongue and groove boarding profiles. Choose your T&G profile and your wood. From tongue and groove panelling to T&G cladding and many more TG profiles. Buy online for.…