Who is alison becker dating

There are still days when Alison Becker is walking down the street and passers-by will “recognize” her. “It’s cool they remember me and I don’t mind them calling me that,” says Becker, who played the ever-patient, sharp-tongued and witty producer, Sarah Morton, on ESPN.com’s digital series, “Mayne Street.” These days, Becker can be seen in a recurring role on NBC’s .(For all of Alison’s varied projects, visit her website or follow her on twitter @The Alison Becker.) But what got Front Row itching to catch up with the New Jersey native (now living in Los Angeles) is her role in a Sears Craftsman garage door opener commercial that has been in rotation across the ESPN networks.In it, Alison plays a woman out to dinner who is in distress, wondering if she left her garage door open.

How much has Kroll Show become a showcase for your friends who are also comedians?People like to see that the people making the shows are having a good time, and we really are.The biggest part is that I have a show I get to do, and these are the people who I’ve worked with since the beginning.It would only make sense that I would want to continue working with them, and that they’d want to continue working with me.

The upside is a lot of those people are people viewers are excited to see.

As your show grows in popularity and your friends’ stars rise, has it become harder to lock them down?