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Will Jamie Lynn Spears be attending any upcoming Pacific Coast Academy alumni weekends? The 25-year-old tells PEOPLE Now that she hasn’t been approached to participate in any sort of reunion.“I can’t make those kind of decisions,” Spears says of the popular Nickelodeon comedy, on which she starred from 2005-2008.“I actually haven’t spoken to [show creator Dan Schneider]… We would need to have an actual reunion before that would happen.” She knows, however, that getting the cast back together would be well received: “I do get comments all the time about Chase looking for me.” Comments which, she said, flared up after former castmate Sean Flynn joined the show’s Christopher Massey to record a new video as their characters Chase and Michael last year.

) Even his 1959 death was tinged with salaciousness, when he reportedly died in the arms of his teenage girlfriend, Beverly Aadland, a former chorus girl whom Flynn had allegedly begun dating when she was only 15.In 1961, Aadland’s mother, Florence, wrote a book about the relationship between her daughter and Flynn called.Decades later, filmmakers Richard Glatzer and Wash Westmoreland, intrigued by the book, tracked down the publicity-shy Beverly Aadland in her Palmdale, California, home, managed to gain her confidence, and used her recollections of the May-December romance as the basis for their film, , which premiered last night at the Toronto Film Festival.Despite the fact that Beverly rarely gave interviews about her relationship with Flynn, the filmmakers say she gave the project her blessing before her death in 2010., which is dedicated to Beverly, stars Kevin Kline as the charismatic aging Flynn, Dakota Fanning as Beverly, and Susan Sarandon as the aforementioned, tell-all-authoring stage mother whose own dreams of becoming a dancer were derailed by a car accident that left her paralyzed.

Flynn was the only child of Australian-American actor Errol Flynn and his first wife, French-American actress Lili Damita.

After studying briefly at Duke University, he embarked on an acting career.