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And that means that there's no way we can wiggle out of admitting that, no matter how busy we are the rest of the day, we do have time to do one thing together .This is what prayer does: it provides the pitch we're supposed to tune ourselves to.Or, to put it another way, marriage gives you a cup to share and places you next to the fountain -- but it's your responsibility to fill that cup up, over and over again.

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It creates a very deep connection with that person.THE Australian all-rounder Andrew Symonds will not be charged for felling a streaker during last night's second one-day final against India.Symonds - who once considered playing rugby league for the Brisbane Broncos - flattened the man with a shoulder charge when he invaded the Gabba pitch, with a policeman in pursuit, in the 10th over.But a spokesman for the International Cricket Council said: "He is not going to be charged because he brought down a spectator who entered the ground." Although section 4.2 of the council's code of conduct says players may be punished for assaulting spectators, the spokesman would not elaborate when asked if his words meant players could try to bring down streakers.

The streaker, from Adelaide, was charged with disrupting the game and wilful obscene exposure. A senior sergeant said he was not injured - apart from a bruised ego. He's just spoken to his missus [by phone], so I don't think he's feeling too good now, but he'll be all right." Peter Young, from Cricket Australia, said: "Symonds was out there doing his best to try to save and win a critical match.

"I just spoke to him and he's all right, other than feeling like a goose," the officer said. He doesn't deserve to be interrupted by spectators while he is trying to do that." Australia, as it turned out, lost the match - and the series.